International Congress of Patient Empowerment is a platform to empower patients with epertise and to initiate the dialogue between them as well-informed stakeholders and decision makers. The congress mission is to popularize patient empowerment idea - patient in the center of a healthcare system, aware of their rights and participating in the treatment process.

The other goals of the event are to promote innovative therapies and medical technologies as well as to stop the process of dehumanizing medicine.



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Free registration for 3rd International Congress of Patient Empowerment for all interested.

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The Institute of Health Communication for the third time invites to debate about partnership relation between doctors and patients, its influence in effects in treatment of chornic diseases, patient's rights and motivating patients to make informed decisions about their health.

This year, the congress will end with the creation of coherent and compatible with the needs of pro-health environments definition of the patient empowerment idea. This idea originates from the United States
and we hear more and more of it at our European neighbors.

The historical path of patient empowerment draws a very wide track, in the 1960s it was combined with the concept of public health and the promotion of attitudes aimed at shaping appropriate social habits. In the discussion on this topic we will be guided by the congress program, in which there are three separate thematic sections:

  • Patient, or leader of health strategy",

  •  "Territorial health",

  • Patient Table Talks.

The latter has been divided into three paths entitled: expertise, empathy, evolution, which is the slogan of this year's congress.

We dedicate the congress to all those who support patients through numerous educational activities and shaping the health care system.

3rd International Congress of Patient Empowerment has been assumed honorary patronage of First Lady of Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda and honorary comitee of Minister of Health. The event will be also held under auspices of Minister for Health, the Commissioner for Patients’ Rights, the Main Sanitary Inspector, Polish Union of Oncology Onkocafe – Razem Lepiej, Federation of Polish Patients, Polish Union of Patients’ Organizations, Institute of Patients’ Rights and Health Education, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, University of Warsaw Hub, Polish Association of Medical Communication and International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations.

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